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891.93 Acres in Tonasket WA

This property in Okanogan County is a 15 min drive from Tonasket, WA, a small town with inns, a few restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations. The people are nice and the natural views are fantastic but we’ll let the photos do the talking.

Photo Map

This map shows the parcels, coordinates, and roads on the property. You can click on the icon of each tract to see its listing photo. Orange markers are cabins, green are links to 360 Sphere Panos taken from that spot. The main road is colored blue and side roads and major washes are black.

Click the top left icon to see the legend, click on markers to navigate to them faster.

When navigating the media you can use this additional map for a reference:

Visual Tour

This video will walk you through the property in a linear fashion from beginning to end. All shots were exported to 1080 but are available in 4k. Any feedback is appreciated.

Individual Property Comments

For a closer look at individual properties we’ve made a playlist of short videos from the properties perspective (Not all the northern lots are available for this view):

Terrain and Access

The property is easily accessed from Mclaughlin Canyon Rd, a well-maintained county road that will lead you to the front gate which is open and identified by the current owner’s RV. There were just a few cows in the corral near the gate, it appears they are being moved out as we didn’t see any when we left.

The main road was accessible for us in a 4×4 vehicle from the gate to Tract O. If exploring as is a 4×4 with AT Tires is recommended. We were told by a local that in the spring when the snow melts it makes the dirt roads muddy causing people to get stuck.

With minor improvements and regular use, it is wide enough for one vehicle and will take you all the way to the northern properties.

Almost all of the tracts can be access from this road, some will need to be accessed from the north.

The hardest tracts to access are AA-DD, Q, R, JJ, and possibly the North Western Tracts.

On foot snowfall has accumulated up to 2 feet in the northern half of the property.

9 properties that lie on what I’m calling “West Bluff” (Tracts II, FF, U, V, W) and “East Bluff” (X, Y, Z, AA, BB, CC) have significant slope in a major portion however they all feature a flatter portion and would benefit from the upgraded views.

You can view composition and soil reports here:

West Bluff

East Bluff

Cabins and Wells

Cabin 1 sits on lot D. It has excellent access close to the road and a solar-powered well. The drywall, flooring, and ceiling have not been installed yet, it needs to be cleaned up.

Cabin 2 sits on Lot EE. It has excellent views and high ceilings. The walls and windows have been completed and it has a 60% built deck on the North and West sides.. It is very dirty inside and needs to be cleaned up. It also doesn’t have drywall, ceilings, or flooring done.

Access is not so easy. There is a driveway from the main road but it is covered in heavy snowfall (2ft) and would need to be maintained to keep that access.


There is a large herd of deer on the property, we counted at least 50. Two bucks were spotted. Also in the area are plenty of birds, ones of note are hawks, golden eagles, bald eagles, owls, and blue jays.

Here’s a small excerpt about potential wildlife in the area:

The Okanogan hosts high numbers of butterflies, birds, and mammals.

More than 200 species of birds, from sage thrashers in the shrub-steppe to ptarmigans in the alpine areas, spend some part of their lives in the Okanogan. Waterways offer quality habitat for harlequin ducks, ospreys, and eagles.

The Pasayten Wilderness, in the ecoregion’s northwestern corner, still retains its full complement of large herbivores, such as moose, mountain goats, and bighorn sheep.

Its more carnivorous inhabitants include wolves, grizzly bears, and lynx. Small populations and a dwindling gene pool raise conservation concerns for these and other mammals.

A broad range of amphibians and reptiles, among them western rattlesnakes, painted turtles, and Great Basin spade foot toads, can also be found in the Okanogan.

Lucas’s Thoughts:

This property was majestic and an experience of a lifetime to evaluate. The landscapes and views truly were something to behold. Based on what I have seen by checking out each lot, the road access, the cabins, and other characteristics I think that this project is a go. Our comps are on the conservative side and we have the potential to exceed profit expectations.

Special thanks to Brendan for his incredible photography work and putting together this presentation.